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Fulbright-Clinton Fellowship applications are due on Wednesday, January 22! Have you reviewed the online application checklist?

January 21, 2014

If you’ve been working on a Fulbright-Clinton Fellowship application, you know that the deadline for applications is tomorrow!

All Fulbright-Clinton online applications are due on Wednesday, January 22 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

We strongly recommend that you fully review the checklist before submitting your materials.

Before Submitting the Application

   Check for typos—misspellings, capitalization errors, grammatical mistakes, etc.

   Make sure that all of the required fields on the Biographical Data pages have been filled in, including the Project Title and Abstract of Proposal sections.

   Check to make sure that the Statement of Grant Purpose, the Personal Statement, the supplemental Essay, your English and host country language Resumes, and your transcripts have been uploaded into the correct sections of the application.

   Confirm that recommenders and language evaluators have submitted their documents.

   Preview the complete application in the Embark system.

   Print a copy of the application for your records.

Have last minute questions? Please feel free to contact us. Good luck!

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