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Final Steps Before You Submit Electronically, By IIE Staff

October 7, 2009

As you prepare to submit your application, please make sure to take the following steps:

1. Click on the Preview button. Make sure that all data is correct and that your responses were not cut off due to size limitations.

2. Print the application before electronically submitting it.

3. When complete, click the Print function.

Please note that we will accept only applications that are printed in PDF format. DO NOT submit applications printed in HTML format.

Missing university fields in started online applications

We have had several Fulbright Program Advisers comment that they are not able to see some of their candidates in the online application database. It is important that you fill in your institution’s name and Fulbright Program Adviser’s information on page one of the application. Check the final hard copy to make sure this information has been included on the Student Record Card (if you are applying through a U.S. college or university and have also included your name). We urge you to complete the basic data: Name, Country of Application, Field of Study, and Academic Affiliation or At-Large, as soon as possible.

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