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“All Aboard”

August 11, 2014

August 6, 2014: “Whirlwind Arrival”

The adventure started in Portland! Everybody who’s been to Portland International Airport would immediately recognize this carpet, which is famous!

Katie Nikolaeva landed in Portland on August, 6,2014.

Katie Nikolaeva landed in Portland on August, 6,2014.

My favorite place in Portland became (guess what) Union Station! We basically lived there for the first two days waiting for the train and exploring the city along the way.

Portland is considered the most “hipster” city in the U.S., and you can feel it just walking on the streets.

Katie visited Powell's Books in Portland.

Katie visited Powell’s Books in Portland.

The first ‘hipster’ place I visited was Powell’s Books, which can be best described as a city of books. You can spend hours and hours there looking through thousands (probably millions!) of different books — from technical to art literature sitting on one shelf.



Portland is also often called Rose City, because people say that the climate there is perfect for growing roses, and you can see it in almost every element of architecture.


After all the MTP project participants gathered at the hub we headed to Mark Zusman’s home for dinner. Zusman is the  editor of the alternative newspaper Willamette Week. We had an first amazing dinner and equally amazing speakers — young entrepreneurs who were presenting their small businesses (right to my topic!). Among others, we learned about Britt Howard’s creative fashion enterprise ‘Portland Garment Factory’, which was started as a sewing shop and developed into the fashion house, the last project of which was the uniform for flight attendants of Michael Jordan’s private jet!

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