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Are You a Non-U.S. Student Looking for More Information on How to Apply for a Fulbright Grant? Start Here.

How It Works: Fulbright from Fulbright Program on Vimeo.

Interested in applying for a Fulbright Student grant to the United States and don’t know where to start? Here are some useful tips:

  • Non-U.S. Citizens who hold at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent can apply to the Fulbright Foreign Student Program or to the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA).
  • The Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers opportunities for foreign graduate students, young professionals and artists from abroad to study, conduct research, and/or teach their native language in the United States.
  • Students in all fields of study are welcome to apply.
  • As a Non-U.S. Citizen, you will need to apply through the country in which you hold citizenship; either through a Fulbright Commission, or, the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in your country.
  • To find out if your home country has a Fulbright Commission or if the Fulbright Program is administered through a U.S. Embassy, please visit:
  • Once you’ve determined how the Fulbright Program is administered in your home country, please contact the Fulbright Commission or U.S Embassy to find out what the eligibility requirements are, what programs are offered, and when the application deadlines fall.

Still have questions? Feel free to send your questions to Good luck!


Fulbright-MTP: Inspiration for Action

Fulbright-MTP participant Rodrigo Moran, El Salvador, reflects on his outcomes from this year's cross-country train journey

Fulbright-MTP participant Rodrigo Moran from El Salvador on board the Millennial Train.

Fulbright-MTP participant Rodrigo Moran from El Salvador on board the Millennial Trains Project

For some reason, I have not been able to sleep lately. Maybe I miss the coziness of my room on the train. Maybe I miss the rocking motion and the sounds of the wheels on the tracks that lulled me into a profound sleep every night. Maybe I just miss all of my MTP friends…

Check: All of the above.

Besides the nostalgia I have been feeling, I hit the ground running as soon as we got off the train in Washington, DC. I started a summer internship in the field of international development at Creative Associates International, a company “providing outstanding, on-the-ground development services and forging partnerships to deliver sustainable solutions to global challenges.”

Learning Beyond Books

Fulbright-MTP participant from Poland Magdalena Leszko shares some of what she learned on this year's cross-country train journey

Magdalena - 1

2015 Fulbright-MTP participant from Poland Magdalena Leszko sitting on the Fulbright-MTP panel in Washington, DC held at the end of this year’s journey

If you told me one day that I would be one of 25 people traveling across the United States on a train for 10 days, I would have thought you were crazy. Ten days on a train? How could you possibly do that? Well, I did it, and I can tell you that I would do it again.

Today (Saturday, June 13th) marks two weeks since we finished the journey. I have learned a great deal, but I strongly believe that the future will show exactly how profound the journey’s impact was on my professional and personal life.

The experience of being on the train was extremely rewarding for me, as it allowed me to meet many interesting people and see what some of the American South looks like.

Planting the Seeds of Hope

Fulbright-MTP participant from Iraq, Saja Al Quzweeni, on the fruits of her project

Urban agriculture is a thriving industry with unlimited potential. It is not just about food, it is, first and foremost, about people and their relationship to food and the environment. My Fulbright-Millennial Trains Project journey continued to flourish while I met creative and innovative urban farmers in each city.

Fulbright Student from Iraq, Saja Al Quzweeni, on board the Millennial Trains Project.

Fulbright Student from Iraq, Saja Al Quzweeni, on board the Millennial Trains Project

In New Orleans, I visited the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). NOCCA is a regional, pre-professional arts training center that offers students intensive instruction in culinary arts, dance, media arts, music, theater arts, visual arts, and creative writing. The Culinary Arts Department offers a four-year course of study for talented students who aspire to be chefs. The Culinary Arts program was developed in collaboration with the Emeril Lagasse Foundation and is supported by Johnson & Wales University. The students are provided with the opportunity to work side by side with leading master chefs who serve as professional mentors.

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