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May 27, 2015
Fulbright-MTP Participant, Mohammad Behroozian, in the dome car of the Millennial Trains Project Train.

Fulbright-MTP Participant from Afghanistan, Mohammad Behroozian, in the dome car of the Millennial Trains Project Train

Texas is usually warm, but today’s rain has lowered the heat. It also gives a pleasant scent to the air, the same relaxing scent that enriches Paghman’s air after it rains in Kabul. Writing from the second floor of the Millennial Trains Project is difficult because neither the vastness of these green farms nor the relaxed streets of Austin and its people walking their dogs are easy to overlook.

My name is Mohammad. Thanks to Fulbright, I started my master’s studies in television writing and producing at Boston University. Fulbright has now granted me the opportunity to travel through the Southern United States by train.

On this expedition, I join 24 other young professionals engaged in economic, social and political spheres of their countries to visit Los Angeles, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington DC to research a topic of our interest.

Views from the MTP train by Mohammad Behroozian.

Views from the MTP train by Mohammad Behroozian

Cultural diversity and Islamic culture in the South is my area of interest. Through this expedition, I will visit mosques and inquire about the type and scope of their activities for Muslims and non-Muslims. In addition, I will interview international students and the general public about their views on cultural diversity in the United States.

Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and people of many other religions, as well as non-religious people, live in America. Coming from a country where almost everyone is a Muslim, I ask how Islamic culture and the life of Muslims is different between Afghanistan and the United States.

I will describe my glimpse into Islamic culture of each of the states we visit. In my next article, read about Islamic culture in Los Angeles!

Stay tuned to the Fulbright-MTP blog for entries from the other five participants! Follow the journey @FulbrightPrgrm and @MillennialTrain!

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